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IBM System G Graph Tools provide a set of tools for developers and end users to create graph stores, conduct graph queries, run graph analytics, and explore graphs via interactive visualizations. They are built on top of IBM System G Native Graph Store and Middleware specifically developed for high-performance graph computing based on a property graph model.

IBM System G Graph Tools Trial Download provides the following tools in a single-node environment:
  • gShell (1.2.2–1.5.0): a shell-like environment with a set of commands for creating, updating, querying multiple graph stores and running graph analytics
  • REST API service (1.2.2–1.5.0): REST API support for operating graph stores
  • Python interface to gShell (1.3.0–1.5.0): Python wrappers of all gShell commands
  • Blueprints 2.5.0 API (1.2.2–1.4.0), Blueprints 3.2.0 API (1.5.0): for operating graph stores in Java applications
  • Gremlin 2.5.0 console (1.2.2–1.4.0), Gremlin 3.2.0 console (1.5.0): for creating and traversing graphs using the Gremlin-Groovy graph query language
  • Visualizer, a.k.a. IBM System G Lite (1.2.2–1.5.0): a Web application for creating, querying, and exploring graphs through GUI and interactive visualizations
  • Spark adapter (1.4.0–1.5.0): an adapter for creating Apache Spark RDDs compatible with GraphX from any graph stored in IBM System G Graph Store, and providing additional query capabilities for property graphs in the Spark environment

Packages for CentOS (Redhat) 6.5, Ubuntu 14.04, Mac OS X, Power 8, zLinux are currently available.

Download and Support

The System G Graph Tools Trial Download version is free, intended for experimentation, research and application development. You can use it to support your commercial or non-commercial applications. But, please note that, this software cannot be redistributed or sold. It is the users' own risk using the software.

You can download the IBM System G Graph Tools Trial Download from here. Before downloading, you are required to register a free IBM ID (if you don't already have one) and agree to the terms for the download.

There is no online support for this version and IBM may choose to update the version at our discretion. Feedback & enhancement suggestions may be sent to systemg @ us . ibm . com (remove white space).


After downloading the package, simply untar the .tar.gz file (tar -xvzf), then follow a few steps here to set up the tools in your environment.

Documentation and Tutorials

IBM System G Graph Tools are designed to handle graphs of very large scales. However, considering the resource typically available in a single-node environment, graphs with less than 1 billion vertices/edges are recommended. We will provide a distributed version in a future release.

Documentation/tutorial files for individual components are available in the doc/ directory of the package and are also accessible below:

For Blueprints, please refer to its online documentation.

Message Board

We will use this message board to post updates related to new features and bug fixes. Please come back to check often.