Sensor Analytics Tools

The sensor analytic tools will cover various mobile sensors including visual sensor, accelerometer and three-axis gyro sensor, Low Energy Bluetooth, and thermal sensor. In the near future, we will provide the analytic tools with iOS frameworks.

We have been keeping developing and applying sensor tools to mobile applications.

  • Application 1: Image Recognition running on mobile devices
    Image recognition is a function to recognize the image content, for example, detecting a car in an image. Here, we leverage image recognition to recognize the machine/asset model, pull down the machine/asset information, and overlap the instructions or help on the image. In addition, the image recognition algorithm can run on the client without internet connection. We use following video to show the recognition performance.

  • Scenario 2: Multi-Modality Mobile Image Recognition Based on Thermal and Visual Cameras
    The advances of mobile computing and sensor technology have turned the mobile devices into powerful instruments. The integration of thermal and visual cameras extends the capability of computer vision, due to the fact that both images reveal different characteristics in images; however, image alignment is a challenge. This paper proposes an effective approach to align image pairs for event detection on mobile through image recognition. We leverage thermal and visual cameras as multi-modality sources for image recognition. By analyzing the heat pattern, the proposed APP can identify the heating sources and help users inspect their house heating system; on the other hand, with applying image recognition, the proposed APP furthermore can help field workers identify the asset condition and provide the guidance to solve their issues.

    Jui-Hsin(Larry) Lai , Chung-Ching Lin, Chun-Fu(Richard) Chen, and Ching-Yung Lin, “ Multi-Modality Mobile Image Recognition Based on Thermal and Visual Cameras ”, in Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia, 2015