Solutions -- Developed Graph Computing Industry Solutions:

1. IBM System G Enterprise Social Analytics Solution (SmallBlue)

      This enterprise social analytics solution was first being used in IBM in 2006 and has been deployed as a production system since 2009. It has also powered the IBM Practitioner Portal and IBM Learning for Knowledge and Learning Search & Recommendation. It includes: Personal Social Capital Management, Expertise Search, Path to Reach Experts, Social Network Analysis & Visualization, Graph Recommendation, and Graph Search. It was officially recognized to have made more than $80M (and unofficially $117M) contributions to the IBM Corporation. This tool and its research results were featured in BusinessWeek 4 times, including being Top Story of the Week in April 2009. It helped IBM win the 1st place in 2012 Most Admirable Knowledge Enterprise Award. It was also recognized as the Industry Leader and Best Practice in Expertise Location by APQC in 2013.

2. IBM System G Insider Threat Solution (ADAMS)

      This insider threat solution package was released in 2014. It is based on the Anomaly Detection at Multiple Scales project. Detecting Insider Threats is challenging, because those people are legtimate users doing entitled activities. Therefore, traditional cybersecurity techniques defending intruders do not apply here. This system is probably the first Cognitive Security system, which detects the long-term risks. It has three types of detectors -- Espionage, Sabotage, and Internal Fraud. More than 2-years of monthly benchmarking showed promising performance of this system.

3. IBM System G Social Media Solution (SMISC)

      This social media solution provides comprehensive monitoring for enterprises on social media. Its current version includes 11 applications: Live Monitoring, Trend Analytics, Impact Analytics, Person Analytics, Segment Analytics, Thread Analytics, Flow Analytics, Social Multimedia Analytics, Bot Detection, Anomaly Thread Detection, and Target Detection. This solution includes 26 research projects -- addressing various aspects of the state-of-the-art social media research, including papers which won the Best Paper Award of IEEE BigData 2013, Best Paper Award of CIKM 2012, Cover Story of Proceeding of National Academy of Science, etc.

4. IBM System G Media & Entertainment Solution

      This solution currently includes: Multimedia Sentiment Analysis, Video Browsing, and Smart Video & Gaming.

5. IBM System G Healthcare Solution

      This solution currently includes: Patient Similiarty Visualization, Patient Cluster Visualizaiton, and Interactive Visual Analytics & Exploration.

6. IBM System G Home Care and Security Solution

      This solution currently includes: Home Abnormal Audio Event Detection and Abnormal Multi-Sensor Detection.

7. IBM Surveillance Insight for Financial Services

      This IBM product provides holistic and cognitive surveillance solution for banks.

Other Use Cases:

Category 1: 360 View

Case 1: Enterprise Expertise Location and Social Network Analysis

Case 2: Enterprise Knowledge Recommendation

Case 3: Personalized Recommender for Commerce

Case 4: Financial Analysis

Case 5: Social Media Monitoring

Case 6: Telco Customer Social Analysis

Category 2: Data Exploration

Case 7: Patient and Disease Analytics and Visualization for Healthcare

Case 8: Network Visualization for Navigation and Exploration

Case 9: Graph Search

Category 3: Security

Case 10: Anomaly Detection At Multiple Scales

Case 11: Fraud Detection for Banks

Case 12: Detecting Cyber Attacks

Category 4: Operations Analysis

Case 13: Smarter Another Planet

Case 14: Cellular Network Analytics in Telco Operation

Case 15: Monitoring Large Cloud

Category 5: Data Warehouse Augmentation

Case 16: Code Life Cycle Improvement

Case 17: Data Curation for Enterprise Data Management

Category 6: Science Exploration and Cognitive Computing

Case 18: Smart Driving and Navigation

Case 19: Image and Video Understanding

Case 20: Graph Matching for Genome Medicine

Case 21: Live Neural Brain Network Analysis

Case 22: Sky Scanning for Planet Security